Barry Pearl tells on Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo Productions.


Barry Pearl (L) and Ryan Patrick Binder.

Barry Pearl has claimed that Oprah Winfrey’s production did not pay him for a movie clip they used on air.

Barry Pearl requested for a reasonable fee from Oprah’s production, Harpo, for using a movie clip that was on their show. The staff called his residuals “found money” and were reluctant to reimburse him. Barry Pearl makes his living from collecting fees from producers who play his movie clips.

When Pearl saw “Summer Nights” playing on a TV in John Travolta’s episode of Oprah’s show, he realized that it was aired without his consent. Barry Pearl asked Harpo for $7500 for himself and 3 other people involved in the clip.

Harpo productions bargained with Pearl with a very small amount. Barry Pearl has asked his lawyer to assist to resolve this case.

Source: tmz

Pics: WENN



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