Deanna Pappas Bachelorette Finale: Winner is Jesse Csincsak-Deanna & Jesse Engaged!


Deanna Pappas Engaged on Bachelorette Finale Jason or Jessie

The Bachelorette Finale with Deanna Pappas… and the winner is Jesse Csincsak.

UPDATE!!!   Read here to see how DeAnna and Jesse are doing now in their after the show interview.

Deanna and Jesse in “After the Rose” show, view post here.

What a shock! Most of us thought Jason Mesnick would win!

The Bachelorette begins with both men, Jesse and Jason saying they are in love with Deanna. Both say they are ready to propose to Deanna tonight.

Jason starts the show saying he feels he has met his “soulmate” in Deanna. He reminisces about how he didn’t expect to fall in love again. After his marriage ended, which he thought would last forever, he didn’t think he’d be lucky enough to fall in love again. The show looks back on Jason’s mother advising him to open up and that love is worth the chance you could get hurt.

Jesse talks of building a strong friendship leading to a relationship. Even though Deanna first didn’t feel attracted to Jesse, she felt a connection growing stronger each time she was with him. Jesse said he is definitely falling in love with Deanna.

The bachelorette, Deanna Pappas, takes Jesse and Jason home to meet her family in Georgia. Deanna speaks about how important it is for her family’s approval of the guy she chooses. Deanna tells her family about Jason and his 3 year-ol-son Ty. And also tells them about Jessie being a snowboarder, and that they probably wouldn’t think he was her type.

Jason arrives to her house first, bringing flowers to Deanna and to the family. Jason meets Greg Pappas, Deanna’s dad, and he lets Jason know he will be grilling Jason to death. Jason tells the family that his wife left him, which is what ended his marriage -and about his 3 year-old-son, Ty. Deanna’s dad expresses concern that Deanna will be moving into an instant family with Jason.

Jason has a private and serious talk with Deanna’s dad. Jason tells Greg, Deanna’s father, that he is in love with his daughter. Jason then asks the father if he can have his permission to propose to Deanna. Deanna’s father tells Jason that Deanna finds him special and that he has his blessing if Deanna chooses him. Greg, Pappas thinks Jason would fit in really well with their family and would be a great pick for his family. Jason leaves and her family tells how much they like him. Deanna says the visit solidified her feeling about Jason.

Now it’s Jesse’s turn to meet the family and he is extremely nervous. Greg, Deanna’s dad says Jason will be hard to beat. And doesn’t seem to think Jesse looks like his daughter’s type. The dad, Greg Pappas wants to know what Jesse will do one day when he is older, and no longer can snowboard. Deanna’s sister asks if Deanna could see herself marrying Jesse and having children with him. Jesse leaves and the family talks about how different the guys are in personality. Greg Pappas tells Deanna that Jason is definitely in love with Deanna, and that Jessie said the same thing but felt it was more “heartfelt” from Jason than it is from Jesse. It is quite obvious that Greg, Deanna’s father, thinks Jason is the best choice for Deanna, even though he knows it is ultimately her decision.

Deanna’s family still feels the hurt Deanna Pappas endured when on The Bachelor, when Brad Womack broke her heart. They want to ensure this doesn’t happen to Deanna again.

Now it’s the second day in Georgia, and Jason, 31, and Jesse, 26, are going to meet Deanna’s extended family. Jesse shows up first to meet her big family. Deanna worries about Jesse being so nervous. Deanna’s dad lets Jesse know they are absolutely going to “grill” him today, jokingly. The doorbell rings and it’s Jason. Deanna says that the guys have no idea they are meeting the family together today. Both men find it a very awkward situation.

Deanna takes her seat on the couch right in the middle of Jessie and Jason. Deanna was obviously very uneasy. Jason says how gut-wrenching it is to see Deanna has feelings for Jessie. Jessie jokes around and teaches the grandparents some cool new handshakes. Jason talks more seriously and tells the grandparents how Deanna is “everything” to him. The grandmother says that after talking to Jason she feels he is the “one”. The grandfather says it is up to Deanna though to make the decision.

Meanwhile Jesse tells the sister and the sister-in-law that he has cried over his feelings for Deanna. Jesse says he hasn’t felt so strongly for someone so quickly. Jessie wants to pull the father aside for a second chance, and asks for Deanna’s dad’s blessing. Greg wants to know if Jesse is ready for all “this”. Jesse gets tearful as he asks for Deanna’s dad’s “stamp of approval”. Greg says he does give Jessie his blessing, but told Jessie to keep his hair short if he is with his daughter and laughs. Jesse and Deanna’s dad, Greg, hug.

Deanna’s family turns the get together into a real party, even doing shots. It’s time for the guys to say goodbye, and both guys wonder what impression they made on the family. Jesse tricked Jason into saying goodbye to Deanna first so he could have a few more moments with Deanna.

After the guys leave, Deanna asks her sister and sister-in-law who she should choose. Chrissy, Deanna’s sister seems to think Jason is more serious and a better choice. Crystal, the sister-in-law, thinks Deanna is a free spirit and that Jessie would be a better choice at this stage in her life. Deanna seems even more confused now about which guy she should choose.

Jeremy, 30, from Dallas that was rejected at the last rose ceremony, and wants to talk to Deanna one final time. Jeremy spills his heart about his feelings for her and Deanna tearfully tells Jeremy that she is not in love with him. She wanted him to know and not to drag it out and hurt him more. Jeremy leaves completely pitiful and heart-broken.

The Bachelorette continues as they travel to The Bahamas. Deanna goes on a date with Jessie, and they fly to a secluded island. Jesse says he has a little gift for Deanna. It’s a little scrapbook with photos of he and Deanna together and things he wrote about his feelings for her. Jesse tells Deanna he loves her, but she holds back.

Now it’s Jason’s turn and the couple are going to go scuba diving with sharks. They have lots of fun. Jason gives Deanna a board game he made for her. Jason tells Deanna he loves her and doesn’t have a doubt in his mind. Deanna said she just melted, and he makes her feel like no one else does.

The morning of the rose ceremony Deanna thinks about both Jason and Jesse. With Jason she feels safe, but with Jesse she has lots of fun. It’s time for the rose ceremony and Deanna Pappas is 100% sure of her decision. She hopes to be engaged today.

The white limousine pulls up with Jason walking towards Deanna. Jason gets down on one knee and Deanna says, “I can’t”. Deanna says even though she is falling in love with him, she is in love with someone else. Both Jason and Deanna cry, and she escorts him to his car. Jason is shocked and devastated as he leaves the rose ceremony. What the hell? We wanted Jason to win!!

Now the white limousine pulls up with Jesse inside. Deanna says she can see Jesse Csincsak by her side. Deanna says she thinks she will have a great future with Jesse. Deanna says she has found her “soulmate” in Jesse, and the man of her dreams. Jesse gets down on one knee and asks Deanna to marry him and she said “yes.” She then gives the final rose to Jesse Csincsak.

Congrats to Deanna Pappas and Jesse Csincsak. Although many of us were rooting for Jason.

Pappas said televised nuptials could also be in her own future. “We haven’t put a lot of thought into it, but we both know we have a lot of fans behind us. There’s a lot of people that have followed me since my season with Brad, and I know that there’s a lot of followers and supporters that would like to see that happy ending,” she told reporters. “I can’t say I put a lot of thought into it, but I’m not really opposed to letting those fans into that part of my life.”

While the wedding isn’t even its planning stage, Pappas had one word to describe it: big. “It’s going to be big. I have a huge family, there’s no way I could cut down my list. We’ve already thought about it, and it’s just ridiculous,” she told reporters. “It’s going to be a big wedding and I’m kind of a traditional kind of girl. I want lots of white.”

In addition, Pappas told reporters she wants her wedding dress to be “simple.” “I want him to still look at me that day and know that he’s still marrying me — not some dolled up girl in this big fru-fru dress,” she said.

Deanna Pappas has a memento from the show. “I still have the piece of paper where I was doing my pros and cons because it was never an easy decision,” she said. “It was always a very, very hard decision for me.”

So were you completely shocked to hear Deanna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak in the Bachelorette finale as the winner? Who thinks she made a huge mistake, and should have chosen Jason?

Scenes from the Bachelorette Finale video here. Sneak peak morning of rose ceremony video here.

Here’s Jesse Csincsak snowboarding videos here and interview here. Trick tips here

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  1. they are so cute together. i love jesse he's so awesome and i think jason was just rushing to show off to his ex-wife that he found love again. he just wanted a wife and a woman in the hose and i agree with the whole comment that he sounded really rehearsed and too eager (very dorky), while jesse was just good ol' jesse and why are you people hating? SHUT UP and let them be… if you hate them so much together STOP watching the show and get on with ur freaking lives they found love now you go do something with your life… GOD BLESS JESSE AND DEANNA visit their website

  2. Need help….I really loved the gown she wore in the finale, any way I can find out the designer and where it can be purchased?

  3. I think Jesse is great and he does more than snowboard. When they went to his house there was a whole thing about a non-profit he runs…he's a free spirit entrepreneur type, a 9-5 job is not for everyone and plenty of people who do their own thing are successful…although success shouldn't be the only thing that matters…character matters and outlook on life is important and how someone loves is important. They will be okay…just like everyone who makes a commitment you take the good and take the bad, they have both like everyone else. I'm rooting for them!

  4. YAYYYY!!! I LOVE Jesse and I absolutely think DeAnna made the right choice. I see a bright and happy future for the two of them. Their relationship actually mirrors my own a little. I met my husband 6 years ago, he was definitely NOT my type! We were complete opposites. We became friends and the physical stuff came many months later. Our second anniversary is coming up in August and we have baby #1 on the way, who would have thought! I am so happy and couldn't imagine my life without him and I believe DeAnna feels the same way about Jesse. I wish them luck and many years of happiness!

  5. I was rooting for both of the guys from the start and was glad they were the final two. However Jason started to get on my nerves, his answers started to sound rehersed instead of from the heart, but my boy Jessie who was my fav from the start always stayed true to his self he started there relationship off the right way and they both know there differances and have talked about them, Jessie is willing to give up a life full of snowbording for D and I think they will last. D and Jessie get to start fresh take time to be together before they have kids and thats important.

  6. Why is everyone so hung up on how much money Jesse can make? Doesn’t DeAnna have a job too? Not that it should matter but Jesse owns property and has his own charity. Clearly he is a hard working man. Jason was trying WAY too hard with her family. It was creeping me out. I was happy and excited when she went with her heart and I wish them the best!

  7. I am so happy that Deanna chose Jesse! I think they make an amazing couple and am so happy for the both of them. I wish Jason the best of luck for the future. They were both incredible guys. I pray Deanna and Jesse will have a blessed and happy life together…

  8. Jess was my pick from the beginning. He is adorable and comes from good stock. Solid background….Good Luck to both. Can I be invited to the wedding? (-: PULEEZ!

  9. Bottom line; she likes more of a bad boy. She liked Brad and despite the fact that Jesse is not as hot as Brad he is still nonetheless more of a bad boy than Jeremy and Jason. Jesse has a great bod and more of an edgy personality than any of the other guys. Plus he did the most push ups, went running to her 1st when she fell off the horse, lifted her up while snowboarding down the side of a mountain, was the best at 4 wheelin’ all those things are turn-ons. I think Jason was too in your face serious (actually kind of borderline dorky at times) and Jeremy was truly hot but oh so boring. I have to get this out of my system, I hated Sean and Ron. They both grossed me out big time. Every week I freaked when she kept keeping them around. In summary, I think Jesse is a great pick but I don’t think it will last. I hope it does for their sake but something in my gut tells me they won’t make it to May 2009. Plus she wants a huge Greek wedding and unless she has wealthy relatives who are going to pay for a destination wedding in the Bahamas I don’t know how that will be possible unless she can get money from a sponsor so it’s televised or something like that.

  10. In my opinion, the most practical choice would have been Jason and not Jesse. But I know exactly how Deanna felt because I went through the same thing.

    I was in love with a guy who was in medical school…but I met a guy who was fun, spontaneous and had no plans for the future…and started dating him instead.

    What’s wrong with us women?! We say we’re ready to settle down, but our actions contradict our words. Deanna is not ready to “settle down”…she’s looking for adventure! If she was truly ready to settle down, she would’ve picked Jason, a man with a stable job…and no doubt, a good future!

    On the contrary, Jesse is young and is still trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life beyond snowboarding. The fact that he became a professional snowboarder should say a lot about his character: He works hard to get what he wants and whatever he decides to do in the future, we can be certain that he is passionate about it. My prediction is that he will stay in the same industry…he did mention that he wants to be a “sports agent”…

  11. I wouldn’t say Jesse is the hottest but Jason is NOT goodlooking!! He has a receding hairline and looks old. And looking for companionship after “a few years” and jumping into marriage after only 1 or 2 years are two very different things. I would be suspicious of a man who would jump into marriage after a year or two of being divorced, it shows he is taking the idea of marriage lightly and not thinking things through. And we only heard his side of the story, so who knows what the woman’s side of the story is? There are always two sides to every situation. And the fact that he said that she ran off with another man seemed shady to me, no matter what happened, a CLASSY man wouldn’t air out his dirty laundry on national television or make an ex-wife and mother to his son look bad, no matter what the circumstance.
    Anyway I really like her and Jesse together, they definitely have a deep connection. As her sis-in-law said, she would have to fast forward her life if she gotten involved with Jason. He has been married before and witnessed the birth of a child before. Why should she get involved with someone who has “been there, done that”? She should have the beautiful opportunity to be young, enjoy her twenties, and experience firsts with someone who is also experiencing stuff for the first time.

  12. Seriously, do you know why they’re getting married? DeAnna is pregnant! You heard it here first. Jesse knocked her up.

  13. He’s a snowboarding instructor at one of the top resorts in the country.

    Sounds like you just want a rich man and could care less about the actual relationship.

  14. I can’t believe she picked a snowboarder! What kind of a career is he going to have? Just goes to show you unemplyed ugly guys still have a chance. Unbelievable

  15. I’m so happy for Jesse and DeAnna! While no relationship is perfect, It seems they both have the tools necessary to deal w/life’s trials and tribulations. Time will tell. ALSO, Jesse didn’t show it in the show but he does have a few houses and has money!! HOOOYAH for Jesse and DeAnna.

  16. why would Jeremy want to go through the pain of seeing her again to get an explanation of why she didn’t pick him. He couldn’t get through his egotistical self that she just wasn’t that into him. He just seemed like a drama queen when he was in the limo after the 2nd to last rose ceremony and says to the camera “stop the car, stop the car.” Jason was just too eager, add Deanna and stir, he shouldn’t have put himself and a 3 year old son through the public eye as he did. Maybe Deanna should’ve let go of him before Jeremy just not to get his hopes up. At the end of the day, only she knows what she wants and how she feels. You can’t fake love and appease “fans” just because of what you see on TV. In my opinon however, Jessee did seem a lot more sincere than Jeremy and Jason.

  17. I was disappointed in her choice as well but who am I to say who she falls in love with. She did have a free spirit and liked to do daring things. So he did seem like a good fit for the now. But I think that will wear off and she’ll wish she made the other choice. Or maybe becoming a mother scared her off. Who knows.

  18. Jason is the better choice!!! Jessie really hasnt proved he would be a great husband…she will wear the pants in the relationship..maybe he likes that

  19. Oh and I thought Jason was the best looking and behaving guy of all of the 25 guys hands down. To me he stood out as a real catch and it was re-affirmed with each show.

  20. I was really shocked. I was sure she would pick Jason. It just goes to show you that we actually pick who we would chose for ourselves. My husbands name is Jason and he had that same look in his eyes when we met, we were married in 6 months after a long dist. relationship. Ten years later and he still looks at me the same. I suppose I saw that quality in Jason M. To me her and Jesse look mis-matched and fake but maybe it was nerves. I still don’t think her family looked happy at all about her decision but it IS her decision. The fact that Jason is SO involved in his son’s life makes him on the mature side, as he said his wife ditched the marriage so why wouldn’t he want to find companionship after a few years. I hope he is not the next batchelor because making out with several people make me sick and the fact that they invite more than one person to those fantacy suites is kind of repulsive but I have always been a one guy kind of girl. I hope she made the right decision it is such an emotional roller coaster ride even for us!!!! Seem’s to be pretty staged as well, to bad. Jesse seem’s to be a genuinely nice guy and might be more interesting when he isn’t nervous and using the word “rad” in every sentence. I also think she may be pregnant, time will tell. In the long run it appears she wanted to be footloose and fancy free and Jesse is that for sure.

  21. wahooo!!! i have rooted for jesse from the beginning. jason was just so boring. way to go deanna! and congrats!!!

  22. You can’t help who you fall in love with. DeAnna thought she would be able to go through this process using her head….but instead she used her gut and her heart. No, Jesse is not what she might have envisioned “on paper”, but when you fall in love, you fall in love…..regardless of what’s on paper. I admire her for doing this……but I have to admit…..I was rooting for Jason……..he is absolutely awesome and endearing……I would have loved to have had a chance at a life with Jason…….he will make someone very lucky……but he deserves someone who is truly, head over heels in love with him.

  23. She didn’t have that much to choose from. Jeremy is fake and obviously is in love with the idea of being married to a hot chick rather than actually having things in common, shared values, and a real emotional connection. Jason is a good guy and wouldn’t be a terrible choice, but he’s too “sweet” and not cool and fun like she is. Graham was an emotional 12-yr old. Jesse was the coolest of the bunch, but he’s too inexperienced to realize how the differences between them will wear on their relationship. Can he deal with being away from the mountains? He may be “in love” with her now, and he’s very sincere, but it takes more than that to build a life together. The engagement won’t last six months.

  24. “Gorgeous Jeremy or Jason?” I wouldn’t go that far. Jason nor Jeremy were gorgeous at all. If I saw them in person, I wouldn’t give them a second glance. Average at best. And Jason, too much baggage, recently divorced, a tiny son, definitely not a fresh start for Deanna with him. His son is only 3? He probably divorced his wife at most 2 years ago (when his son was a wee 1 yr old) and already he is on a dating show wanting to jump into marriage a second time? Strange. Just because Jason is wanting to leap into marriage headfirst yet again does not make him “mature.” In fact I think it is more mature and cautious to think it through rather than get yourself into ANOTHER marriage 1 or 2 years after you get divorced!! I felt true love between Deanna and Jesse, and you could feel how genuinely he cared for her when the tears were rolling down his face when he was talking about not being with her. Jason seemed a little fake and eager-to-please to me. I guess Deanna could see that too. Jesse and Di seem like soulmates, as they put it.

  25. Deanna is SO annoying. I really wanted her to pick Jeremy, but after she cut him I thought for sure she would pick Jason. What did she see in ugly lil stumpy ole Jesse when she could have had gorgeous Jeremy or Jason…. They both seemed way more mature and ready to settle down with her than Jesse.

  26. Jesse is immature and I cannot believe that Deanna is so stupid to choose him. Seriously she picked the snowboarder? He wants children but he doesn’t even have a real career yet? Get real Deanna. Jason is too good for her anyways. She is too self centered and if you watched the out- takes from previous episodes she has difficulty using correct grammar. She doesn’t even compare to Trista, who was a classy Bachelorette.

  27. Jesse and DeAnna will be like most other Bachelorette finale…their relationship will not last. Jeremy and Jason were perfect for her. She made the biggest mistake of her life….

  28. Jason is too a good of a guy for Deanna. She likes Jesse b/c he worships her — puts her first. With Jason, she has to share top spot (or take 2nd place) to Jason’s son. Deanna wants to me number one. I liked Jason the most — but that also means I wanted someone better than Deanna for him and his son. She did him a favor.

  29. Jesse is an idiot. Jason is an attractive gorgeous guy, She should have chosen him.. I live in washington and if i didnt have a serious significant other my butt would be on jasons doorstep.. He is a great guy and hopefully should be the next bachelor

  30. Hi!

    I really do think she made the right choice! I was rooting for Jesse from the start. I felt so sad about the way he was treated by her family -guess there is justice in the world (sorry to Jason’s fans -he is a wonderful guy, no doubt).
    Jesse is so candid, so spontaneous, so real and honest. It’s fun to watch him be and interact with people. And he calls her D!!!! he is adorable, and they seem to really care about each other. I think there is a great chance to built something good -and from “scratch”- that can last. I love Jesse’s dad!!! (Deanna’s dad seems such a je**! My goodness.)
    Congrats to Deanna and Jesse!

  31. How disappointing. Jesse is fun, but despite what he says, I don’t think he’s serious. This seems like another one that won’t last, at least that’s my prediction.

  32. It won’t work out with Jesse. Things have a way of looking different after emotions settle and you begin to look at the reality of life. Jesse has nothing to offer. He’s too free of a spirit and she will smother him. Having something often takes the wind out of the sails of the wanting.

  33. I am so glad DeAnna chose Jessie! In my opinion (and I think hers as well!) he definitely has the most character. It is important to have fun, and just as important to be friends first. Good Choice DeAnna!


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