Anne Hathaway’s diaries were confiscated during raid.


When the FBI raided the apartment of Raffaello Follieri, they confiscated Anne Hathaway’s personal diaries and other items.

FBI removed documents, photos of Follieri with celebrities, watches, a Tiffany clock, an antique bible and personal pictures of Follieri and Hathaway.

Follieri’s friend revealed that he was faring badly. Follieri said that people had abused him and he was broken over his predicament. There were reports about him being hospitalized for an anxiety attack behind bars. It was said that Follieri had been trying to contact Anne Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway’s friend revealed that she had changed he telephone numbers so that Follieri could not reach her.

Prosecutors said that Follieri was considering a plea deal. He may have no money and the Federal agents have frightened him. A source said that Follieri thought that his best solution would be to work out a plea deal with his prosecutors.

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