Amy Winehouse is well enough to leave hospital.


Amy Winehouse’s picture was taken on a happier occasion.

Amy Winehouse has left her hospital on Tuesday morning after being treated for an adverse reaction to medication.

The spokeswoman for University College Hospital said that Amy Winehouse left via a private exit at around 9:45 am. She added that Winehouse was kept overnight for observation. The patient had a comfortable stay.

Amy Winehouse spent less than 24 hours in hospital. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, had called the paramedics after Amy collapsed when she suffered an episode of “fitting.”

Mitch Winehouse blamed the incident on a mistake with prescription pills. Amy had mixed up her pills. It emerged that Amy’s good friend, Remi Nicole, and father had tried to shield her from the paparazzi as she was being wheeled into the ambulance. They blocked the cameramen’s view.


Pics: WENN



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