Amanda Pratt & Rab B are engaged.


Raz B spoke to the press during the recent BET Pre-Awards parties and he revealed that he was engaged to Amanda Pratt.

Today, people will remember Raz B as the guy who is engaged to Amanda Pratt. Last year, Raz B, who was from B2K, claimed that Chris Stokes molested him many years ago. Later on, he retracted this claim. This became one of the most puzzling stories in 2007.

Raz B could have been trying to generate some publicity as soon after, he was promoting a new music video clip. It was taped at Ed Hardy’s offices. The video showed Raz B dancing on the roof. This video was criticized because the quality of the recording was amateurish. On YouTube, there was also a pre-show announcement of a new and upcoming Raz B reality TV show that was in the works.

Source: lalate.



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