Aaron Ferguson sues Rachael Ray’s Show.


Rachael Ray’s show had some unwanted attention when an ex-employee filed a lawsuit against the management of the show.

Aaron Ferguson, a self confessed anorexic, filed his lawsuit in Manhattan. He said that his boss, the accountant for the Rachael Ray show, had criticized Priscilla Taussig, the show’s executive-in-charge, as being “too skinny to do her job.” Ferguson alleged that anorexics were insulted as being “sick in the head.”

Ferguson said that he visited the Human Resource department to complain. He was supposedly ignored and then he had some retaliation. His boss made things so difficult for him such that he was forced to quit. Ferguson claimed he was offered money, to the tune of $4000, to sign a separation waiver. Aaron Ferguson now wants $1.5 million in damages.

Source: tmz.



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