Wonder Woman Lynda Carter’s horrible discovery.


Lynda Carter, 56, the celebrity actress in the original Wonder Woman TV series, had an unexpected, gruesome surprise. She was rowing on the Potomac River in Washington when she saw a woman’s body floating on the river.

Lynda dialed the emergency line and police came to fish the body out of the river. Later, the policeidentified the dead as Helen Johnstone, 47. The officials have started investigations into her death.

Presently, they suspected that Helen was a hiker, who could have slipped and fell into the water. She was wearing sports attire that consisted of a pair of shorts, a Tee shirt and a jacket. The chief medical examiner’s office will perform an autopsy soon.

Read about the Lucky dress here.

Source: fox.


  1. nteresting incident that a person who formerly portrayed a superhero ends up finding a dead body in real life. Like there’s a certain twist of fate in there. Quite similar in vein (though definitely more tragic) is the life of Chris Reeve who also portrayed a superhero (the strongest superhero, they say) in movies, then ended up being bound to a wheelchair till his death. back to lynda, am a big fan of hers since a child i used to watch WW. hope she continues to grow old gracefully and with civic responsibility intact 🙂


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