Vincent Puglisi convicted of murdering Curious George’s co-creator, Alan Shalleck.


Alan Shalleck.

Alan Shalleck, the co-creator of “Curious George”, was murdered in Feb. 2006. Vincent Puglisi has just been convicted of murdering Allan Shalleck and will be sentenced in July 2008.

Vincent Puglisi’s accomplice and co-defendant, Rex Ditto, had pleaded guilty to first degree murder and robbery with a weapon in 2007. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The court heard that Vincent & Rex visited Alan Shalleck’s house in Boynton Beach in Feb. 2006. They had the intention of committing robbery. They killed Alan and stole jewelry and money from his checking account.

Alan Shalleck wrote and directed “Curious George.” He made about 100 episodes of the monkey’s adventures. These were aired on Disney Channel. Alan collaborated with Margret Rey, the original creator of Curious George, to do the books and short films.

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