Vin Baker’s home in foreclosure.


Vin Baker, the celebrity ex basketball player, has experienced some financial trouble.

Vin’s home in Connecticut has been scheduled to sell at an auction later in June. The minimum selling price is $2.3 million. Vin used to own a restaurant named Vinnie’s Saybrook Fish House. The eatery was also in the red and had been auctioned off earlier this year.

Vin had some trouble with alcohol in his basketball career. He had admitted that he was a recovering alcoholic. Towards the end of his professional career, he was signed on in a few teams but never played.

Vin used to be a DJ of Houston’s radio station, KPTY-FM’s Party 104.9. His last known public record was a DUI charge in Connecticut, on June 19, 2007.

Source: tmz



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