Verne Troyer, Austin Powers’ Mini-Me, in a sex tape here.


Verne Troyer, actor and stuntman, was famous for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers films. Now, he has another round of celebrity popularity.

Verne’s sex tape has surfaced. This tape was filmed with his ex live-in girlfriend, in their shared apartment. A third party, Kevin Blatt, has possession of the sex tape. Kevin might be considering an offer worth $100,000 from SugarDVD to distribute Verne Troyer’s sex tape.

Verne was married to Genevieve Gallen on Jan. 22 2004. One month later, he filed for annulment onFeb. 23 2004.

Verne’s representative has not responded for a comment on this development.

Source: tmz.

Video clip of the sex tape: tmz 1.



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