Tim McGraw Will Eff You Up: Tim Almost Fights Rowdy Fan


Tim McGraw pulls rowdy fan onstage and throws him out

Tim McGraw had to rough a fan up when things got rowdy at a concert in Auburn, Washington, Tuesday night.

The sexy country singer spotted a jerk in the audience hassling a woman at the concert.

Tim McGraw, hubby to Faith Hill, was not going to let that happen!

McGraw, band members, and security helped pull the fat guy on stage in front of the entire crowd, and escorted the man out of the venue.

Not long ago, Tim’s wife, Faith Hill, got into an altercation with a woman that was grabbing at her husband’s crotch during a concert screaming at the fan not to touch her husband’s “balls”.

It’s very cool to see Tim and Faith don’t take any crap from anyone.

After seeing the man hassling the other female concert-goer, McGraw pulls the big guy on stage and even pulls back his right hand, looking like he was about to punch the guy.

Security stepped in and unclenched McGraw’s fist, and the man was dragged off stage by the security crew.

Tim McGraw got right back to the microphone and completes the song without missing a beat.

Thankfully, it was all caught on tape. You can view the altercation here.

Tim McGraw Tim McGraw Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Tim McGraw

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