The Mole offers $1 Million.


TV’s smart reality show, The Mole, has returned. It airs on Monday night at 10 pm, on ABC. The contestants would have to try to ferret out a mole in their group. The prize is around $ 1 Million.

It has been an absence of about 4 ““ 5 years since the last season of The Mole. In this season, twelve contestants have to journey through 10 weeks of challenges and tension. This season would be the first time that the show lacked celebrities.

In this 5th season, the cast began its adventures at a waterfall location in Chile. There were a couple of contestants that nobody in the group liked. One suspected mole was a 31 year old woman. The new host of The Mole was Jon Kelley. He was supposed to help the contestants to ferret out the mole.

Brooke Shields’ celebrity fashion is here.

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Sources: courant, canada.



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