The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato in “Camp Rock.”


The Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato posed together for TV Guide’s latest issue. This publication is dated June 16 and will be available on this Thursday, June 12.

This issue of TV Guide was to promote Disney Channel’s true life story, “Camp Rock.” This documentary was about a guy named Shane Gray (played by Joe Jonas), who was asked to teach music at a music camp after getting into trouble at his school.

In an interview, Joe Jonas, 18, shared his father’s advice with everyone. The senior Mr. Jonas told him to live life humbly. Nick Jonas, 15, said that girls gave them inspiration to write songs.

Kevin Jonas, 20, said that the Jonas Brothers never fought because they had to work together closely.

Source: internet news.


  1. hi, i am emma and i am not from england, i am from Bosnien and Herzegowina….I bought (buy) the film CD of Camp Rock hier in Bosnien…

    that was cool realy!!!…and the JB are so cute…The film was great!!!I was enjoy….==)Well i can*t good english write but I think tha*s good…I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS!!!


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