The Bachelorette: DeAnna Pappas Engaged?


The bachelorette, Deanna Pappas Engaged

Last year on “The Bachelor,” DeAnna Pappas was the last lady standing, but that didn’t keep Brad Womack from rejecting her in front of millions of viewers. Now Pappas is “The Bachelorette”. Who does she choose?

Latest Update: The Bachelorette Finale.. and the winner is… Jesse. What the hell? What a surprise, sources saying she chose Jason were “dead wrong”. Read finale story here. We’re shocked and honestly disappointed!

DeAnna Pappas has announced that she is happy, in love, and now engaged. But which guy did she choose?

Well tonight on “The Bachelorette”, DeAnna is confused going into overnight dates with the three remaining guys- Jeremy, Jessie, and Jason.

DeAnna’s first date is with Jeremy! They greet each other with a big hug on the beach. DeAnna relates to him they she wants to see him cut loose and have a good time. Jeremy lets DeAnna know that he is at the point, it is hard to imagine life without her. He tries to tell of her of his feelings but she notices he seems to still be holding back.

They meet again for dinner and he tells her he wants to have a serious conversation. He stumbles over his words and was extremely nervous. Finally, he tells her that his anxiety is because he has deep feelings for someone he is afraid to lose – and he doesn’t have her. He tells her that he has already fallen in love with her, but doesn’t expect her to say anything. She smiles, and says she is glad that he told her. DeAnna gives him a note from Chris saying that they can use the key to stay together in the Fantasy Suite. DeAnna says she is on cloud nine and they begin to kiss. Jeremy then closes the door to the cameras!

The second day, it’s Jason’s turn. He runs towards her on the beach, and she sees how excited he is to see her. She asks about his son, Ty. Then they go off-roading. They have a picnic and Jason tells her he already feels they are a couple. DeAnna has a good time on the date, they laughed a lot and had fun together. They they get in the kayak and do a little smooching.

At dinner that evening, DeAnna admits to Jason that she always had feelings for him, but now they are more intense. Jason and DeAnna talk a bit about his son, Ty, and Jason tells her she and Ty are the two most important things in his life. DeAnna was really stunned at that revelation. They get the key to the room and Jason reveals he bought her a little something, a sand dollar. He thanks her for teaching him that he can fall in love again, because he was falling for her. DeAnna admits she is falling for him too.

The last day on the island, DeAnna is dating Jessie. He hugs DeAnna and tells her he feels lucky to be there with her. The two go horseback riding on the beach. Later, they have a picnic on the sand and he asks if she is nervous about getting married. DeAnna says that she isn’t at all, but Jessie admits that he is really nervous. They play in the water a bit, and then have a fire and kiss for a while.

Over dinner, Jessie admits that he is falling for her hard, but it scares him too. They go to the fantasy suite, but not before he says he might should ask her father first.

DeAnna has a tough choice at the rose ceremony but gives the first rose to Jessie, and the second to Jason. Jeremy broke down in tears telling DeAnna he was hurt and that he is in love with her, after realizing he would be going home.

Now it’s down to Jessie and Jason. Who do you think DeAnna Pappas chose?

View the latest on the Bachelorette Finale here to find out who Deanna Pappas chose and is engaged to now.

You can view the rose ceremony with the final two guys here.

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  1. Jason was not fairdinkum, Jessie was real and stood out right from the start, DeAnna picked the best man for her, she made the right choice. Well done to DeAnna and Jessie. Heres to a long and happy life together!!!

  2. The one person that would have been perfect for Deanna was Graham, and she sent him home bcos he was too secure in himself. he was the best pick for her but of course she wanted immature Jesse…..Duh? i lost interest when she sent Graham home. what a shame.

  3. i think she is going to pick Jason. He’s such a family guy and makes her so happy. and from an internet source it says she picks Jason!
    Sorry jesse</3

  4. i am still heartbroken, because i didn't believe deanna would send jeremy home,they both had a special connection,and jeremy was sincere to her right from the start,i wouldn't think of any other perfect husband for deanna ,other than jeremy,plsssssss chris harrison,lets make jeremy the next bachelor,because he deserves to find the lve of his life.cheers

  5. i hope she picks jesse he is way cooler and sweeter but she wil robably pick jaso because she always acts like she like shim more

  6. I think she'll pick Jason because he is more financially secure, "settled", and they had fun on that overnight date…we saw his adventurous and relaxed side. If she picks him, then that's great – Jessie is free for us! Jessie seems like such a gentleman and kind soul. He always lead with his heart and seems to really care for her and knows how to show it! Jeremy is a great guy too but was just bland! He didn't seem to know how to just let go and to live…The deaths of his parents affected him so much to the point he has a flat affect. Seriously, he needs therapy to deal with this greif and move on…Maybe he needs to just cry – let it out and get in touch with his emotions.

  7. Deanna seems all over the place with her choice of men? Jessie??? He seems like a person with a kind heart but NO DIRECTION for the future, come on…..a snowboarder who admits marriage scares him? He is either a free-spirit or a flake????

    Do any of you wonder if she dismissed the other men off too early? I realize this show only shows sound-bits of what is really going on.

    Eric the Greek, wasn't even given a chance and what about Brian the Stud, High School Coach?

    Jeremy had the whole package but emotionally something is eating at this guy. Maybe the death of both parents, which he did share with Deanna early on? I think he truly cared for Deanna but just didn't have a good communication skill regarding these things.

    I hope it is Jason, he seems like a nice person and his family was very cool and stable.

    He has learned alot from a failed marriage, he communicates well. But remember he is a Medical Device salesperson, so he is use to "selling himself" and communicating.

    He seems like he is ready, and willling to "go for it" with Deanna.

  8. No matter who she chooses it is going to be sad. Jesse seems like a awesome person and she and Jesse seem to have tons of fun together. Jason on the other hand seems to be the one who meets all of her relationship needs as far as family and seriousness. But Jesse seems to meet her needs as far as staying young and haveing alot of the same intrests. Is there a right choice between these two? Good luck to her I wouldn't want to be in her shoes cause both of those guys are great catches. She can't go wrong! Even Jeremy would have been a wise choice Gram too for that matter! I can't wait to watch the finale!

  9. I hope she picks Jessie, she just looks sooo happy with him. And he is soo Groovy with a well grounded loving family, his parents just touched my heart, if she doesn't pick Jessie, he may never love again.

    Jeremy, seems a little stalkish to me ?!?!?

    Can't wait until Monday.

  10. I have loved Jason from the get go. He and DeAnna make a great couple and I think that little boy of Jason's needs a mother. I am praying that see picks Jason. He is the best one left. He has his stuff together and is great looking as well!!!!!

  11. I mean she doesn't seem to have a ….

    And frankly (not franly)…

    Seems like I don't have a good understanding of the English language either 🙂

  12. Gad only knows who she selects. On one hand I think Jason is a much better catch, in the sense that he seems to have his life together more. On the other hand Jesse seems like he is really quality and they (Deanna and him) to be more on the same level. I am not saying Jesse is dumb by any means, but Deanna is really not the smartest pea in the pod (did you see those outakes, she can't seem to have a basic understaning of the English language). And franly her overuse of "i'm falling in love" makes me think she doesn't really know what fall in love is. She's young. Jesse is young. I think a much better match.

  13. Whoohoo! Finally Someone on this show makes the right decision! I have loved Jason from the beginning because of him being on there with a little boy! I can't wait to see the outsome of there relationship and hopefully watch their wedding on tv. I also heard rumors where she may be pregnant?! If so yay! They will be one heck of a cute family! Wish em' the best of luck!

  14. Deanna would be a great mother to ty. Her and Jason would make a great couple. He seems to be the most commited of all of the guys that were there to win her heart. I know that she chose jesse,(because on the internet i read that graham has said that was who she chose) but i really wish that she chose jason. Jesse and her are quite cute together, but everybody's rooting for jason.

    GO JASON!!!!

  15. Deanna will pick Jessee. Deanna needs to get over thinking she should ber on the top runner of a pedestal. She is not all that great of a catch.


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