TCM airs Sophia Loren movies in June.


Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has chosen June to be the month to screen Sophia Loren’s classic movies. The link below gives the webpage with the listings.

Sophia Loren has acted in more than 100 movies. She stopped acting after her husband died. Carlo Ponti died in Jan. 2007. They had been married for almost 50 years. Sophia was 73 but she has remained beautiful. She was asked about her secret to staying beautiful. Sophia said that she was joyful and optimistic about life. She said that she was grateful to see her grandchildren. She interpreted it as a touch from God.

Sophia would be returning to acting soon. Her new movie would be “Nine.” This musical’s director would be Rob Marshall. Nine would be released in 2009.

Meet the current glamour girls here.

TCM listings for Sophia Loren movies: here.

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Source: usatoday.



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