Suspect in Javon Walker case arrested.


Arfat Fadel & another man sought by the police.

Javon Walker was robbed and assaulted on June 16, 2008. Police have arrested a man who they suspected was responsible for the offence.

Arfat Fadel would be charged with robbery and assault. Javon Walker claimed that 3 men arrived at his room at Bellagio Hotel. They supposedly knocked him on his head, dragged him out into the street and robbed him. They left him outside on the Las Vegas street.

Police said they believed that Javon got into Arfat Fadel’s car on his own accord. A hotel spokesperson said that the surveillance video showed Javon walking out of the hotel unassisted and in good health.

Police have released a photo of a possible witness or suspect. The picture is pasted above, beside Arfat Fadel.

Source: tmz.


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