Steve Duemig, host of WDAE-AM, was arrested.


Steve Duemig, the sports talk show host of WDAE-AM, was arrested on Sunday morning, June 15. He was driving in the Feather Sound area in St. Petersburg when he was stopped and arrested on a DUI charge.

Steve Duemig, also known as “Big Dawg”, hosts the most popular sports talk radio show in Tampa Bay. The press asked him to comment on Monday afternoon but he had no official press release statements. He said that he might mention the issue in his radio show.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s department said that Steve Duemig was asked to stop his car at 1:39 am on Sun. June 15. Steve was booked at 3:11 am and released at 10:15 am.

Source: news.


  1. Yeah Duemig .. the thing I don't like about him is when he has an opinion, it's so strong that he refuses to consider any other

    possibility .. to the point that if you try to reason with him he insists that you must be a complete idiot (of course, when he reacts

    like that, the opposite is true) …… then of course, he also believes that if you live in Tampa, you have to be a Bucs, Lightning and Rays fan .. you are not allowed (and inconceivable to him) to live here and root

    for another team .. for example, if you're originally from Cleveland and you're a Browns, Indians, Cavs fan he'll tell you you're an idiot and should move back if you don't want to back the local teams .. the concept of people going to college and then getting a job somewhere else and yet still maintain their allegence to thier hometown/childhood team

    is foreign to him ….. and then there's the part of him that .. well .. he's just full of himself (he was like that when I caddied for him too .. he was like Sapp .. about half as good as he thinks he is!) .. and treats others like they're a piece of shit ………… okay, I guess there's lots of things I don't like about him!!!!!!!


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