Spike Lee & Clint Eastwood exchange harsh words.


Spike Lee, a director, criticized Clint Eastwood for excluding African-Americans in his movies; “Flags of Our Fathers” and “Letters From Iwo Jima.” These were Iwo Jima movies made in 2006.

Clint responded in an interview that was published last Friday. He said that Spike should keep quiet and stop his criticism.

Spike has responded to Clint’s statement. He implied that Clint had no right to boss over him and tell him what to do. He said that he did not attack Clint personally. He could find African-American Men who fought in the Iwo Jima war.

This was to dispute Clint’s earlier statement that black African-Americans did not fight in the Iwo Jima or were insignificant and not worthy to get inclusion in the movies.

Source: news.



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