Sharon Osbourne quits X Factor.


From left – Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne, Danni Minogue and Simon Cowell.

Sharon Osbourne has left the successful reality TV show called X Factor. She had been a judge on the show for the past 4 years.

The rumors and gossip buzzed about Sharon’s decision to quit X Factor. Some people speculated that she was unhappy over her pay and disagreed with her fellow judge, Danni Minogue. Sharon’s friends said that she was tired of the show and wanted to be relieved of her burden.

A source inside the show said that Sharon felt uncomfortable about the friendship between Simon Cowell and Danni Minogue. She asked for a pay rise and when the producers refused, she decided to call it quits.

Sharon would be busy with her other reality shows, like “America’s Got Talent.” Next week, the new season for “America’s Got Talent” would be released.

There were rumors that Melanie Brown could be signing on to replace Sharon.

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