Sexy Matthew McConaughey a Daddy Soon!!


    Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

    The sexy shirtless-wonder, Matthew McConaughey is about to be a Father! His girlfriend Camila Alves, a Brazilian model, is expecting and due very soon.

    Matthew seems to be really happy about this new addition in his life. He recently said, “I’m looking forward to the big baby adventure. Hopefully I’ll make a good daddy.

    “My child is going to have culture and travel, that’s one of the great benefits of my business.”

    McConaughey also said he really doesn’t have any plans to marry. He reportedly had this to say, “My parents were divorced twice and married three times to each other.

    “I believe in the institution but I don’t feel you have to marry. A kid just needs a mom and a dad,” He said.

    McConaughey, 38, is taking time off from his work in order to spend time with his girlfriend and new baby, said to be due in July.

    McConaughey is known for his pot-smoking and bongo playing bust a few years ago.

    Let’s just hope becoming a Dad soon won’t change his going shirtless all the time, which would dearly sadden all the women in the world.

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    Images: AP/WENN/Wireimage/AP

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