Scott Biao’s baby, Bailey DeLuca, worried Renee Sloan.


Scott Biao & Renee Sloan.

Scott Biao changed his status from being a bachelor to a father, and then a married man after his daughter, Bailey DeLuca was born. Bailey was born in November 2007.

Scott, 47, and his then fiancée Renee Sloan, had brought their baby Bailey home for the first day when her doctor informed them about some shocking news. Bailey had tested positive for a fatal disorder, GA-1. It was a metabolic disorder that could cause seizures and death.

Scott said that it was the worst time in his life. Scott and Renee went through their scheduled wedding in December. All the while, they were worried about Bailey. After 10 weeks of testing, Bailey was given the all clear. Scott said he wanted to share his experiences to help others.

Source: People.



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