Sadia Morrison, Celebrity Stylist, Found Dead


Sadia Morrison Found Dead Thrown from Roof

Sadia Morrison, stylist to the stars, was found dead after being thrown from a building in New York.

Morrison’s high profile client base included rappers Kanye West, Plies, 50 Cent, and Young Jeezy; singer Fantasia, boxer Zab Judah, NFL players Clinton Portis and Thomas Jones, and many more.

Reports say friends became worried about Morrison when they hadn’t heard from Morrison on Friday.

Sadia Morrison was previously arrested after a fight that broke out in the Minxx in February 2007. The shooting just outside of the club left a bouncer, Tommy Urbanski, paralyzed from the waist down.

Morrison pleaded no contest to the battery charge for her part in the fight. She was sentenced to three years probation.

Morrison’s brother, Paul, did not think her death was connected to the shooting at the Minxx.

Her brother spoke to the medical examiners to identify the body. He stated that she had two head injuries, one from hitting a satellite dish and another probably caused by her attacker.

Paul Morrison said his sister was fierce and blunt, and didn’t take “no” for an answer. He went on to say, “If Sadia’s with you, she’s with you,” Morrison said. “If something happens, she’s with you. Sometimes it leads to her downfall, but that’s the way it is.”

Sadia Morrison after arrest for Minxx shooting.Sadia Morrison celebrity stylist to Kanye WestSadia Morrison celebrity stylist to 50 Cent

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  1. Sadia I miss u girl! Your blunt ways, straight forward always fly, always held your head up high. I new u since P.S.102. I am so over what happen to you. I know u didnt kill yourself, caused you loved the skin u were in. U would never betray yourself or anyone else to give up like that. Not in your character. You lived your life, hung out with the best of them. I love you, and I am (crying) wish I could have done something; Please girl rest in Peace no more pain!

  2. Wow!..i jus now read about Sadia in a VIBE magazine's been almost a year.datz real fucked up doe.wat goes around,comes around.if she jumpd,or if she wuz at da wrong place at da wrong time,wat goes around comes around.karma is motherfucker!!

  3. I just read about this in Vibe today. Very sad. I hope they catch the guy who did this. It could have been someone from around the way. Why else would she have been on the roof?

  4. Oh my gosh, I just found out about this today!!! I LOVED her style and always wanted to see what she would come up with next. I can’t believe how cruel some people can be, this isn’t a joking manner. I forgot crack babies do grow up.

  5. God bless her and my prayers go out to the family. Just believe the one who did this will be caught or karma will get them in the end. U can't get away with the wrong thing to long without getting caught.I read about her today for the first time and I shed a tear because it touched me. But I feel shes still a star. God Bless….Keep your head up family and friends and don't give up.

  6. Y'all shouldn't even respond to those cowards. That's want they want…attention. They need to get out from in front of the monitor and get a life….get some ass, cowards!!!!

  7. GOD people r so ignorant… sadia was my cousin and i realy do not appreciate what people een saying about her…she was a beautiful person and will always be the star no matter how many jokes you ignorant people come up with…yall haein cause she made it…N rufus u real ignorant…i wanna see how many jokes you would have if something like this happen to one of your family members…its not a joking manner…this was a life taken away from somebody who didnt deserve this! i hope they catch the person and he gets what he deserve…R.I.P cousin sadia you'll always be the star!

  8. first off sadia morrison was my sister.. the police knows she didnt jump, and r looking for their guy. second to rufus come see me in bronxriver in the bronx and tell me that to my face u coward


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