Rod Stewart Still Breastfeeding at Age 63


Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster Stewart

Rod Stewart and his wife English model Penny Lancaster were enjoying the Mediterranean over the weekend aboard his yacht, when he suddenly became quite hungry.

Thank goodness his wife, Penny Lancaster, had her breasts handy for his feeding.

In almost creepy, matching pink outfits, Rod walked along the deck towards his wife, as Penny, 37, grinned, pulled down her slinky pink sun-dress in broad daylight and popped out her boob.

They have a two-year-old son Alistair Wallace but the little guy stopped breast-feeding a year ago. Recently Rod, admitted that he and Penny wanted to have another baby. But it seems Penny doesn’t need one with her husband around.

You can view Rod Stewart breast-feeding on his wife uncensored photos here.

Rod Stewart \Rod Stewart and wife Penny LancasterRod Stewart and wife Penny LancasterRod Stewart Nursing off wife Penny

Images: AP/INF/Getty/PR/INF

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