Philip Smith testifies against Tricia Walsh Smith.


Tricia Walsh Smith and Philip Smith during happier times.

Tricia Walsh Smith’s soon to be ex-husband, Philip Smith, has spoken about his estranged wife’s allegations in her YouTube videos. Tricia was a former actress and writer.

Philip Smith, 76, the head of Shubert Organization, said that Tricia’s rants hurt him. He was on the witness stand in Manhattan Supreme Court. He tried to persuade Justice Harold Beeler to grant him a divorce from Tricia Walsh Smith because she was “cruel and inhuman” to him.

Philip gave evidence that Tricia posted 4 video clips to expose his personal life and violate his privacy. He defended his daughter, Linda, who Tricia had criticized in her video rants.

Tricia Walsh Smith took to the stand too. She testified that Philip told lies, loved his daughters and did not love her.

Source: nypost



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