Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Back Together!


Tommie Lee and Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are a couple again! After numerous flings, and even marriages for Pamela, the twosome have gotten back together again.

Rolling Stone Magazine recently caught up with Tommy Lee for an interview in their Hollywood studio, as they prepare for the Cruefest tour.

During their interview, Tommy Lee let it be known that he and Pamela Anderson are together once again. These two can’t seem to keep away from each other for long, and have two sons together.

Tommy Lee had this to say about renewing their relationship, he says: “Pamela and the kids have moved in with me.” Tommy went on to say, “It’s awesome, man. It’s definitely working. You can tell on the kids’ faces “” they’re happy when we’re together.”

Hopefully these two can make a go of their relationship this time and keep it together!

Tommy Lee pretty much summed it up by saying, “We’ve only given it a try 800 times “” 801, here we go.”

So what do you think of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson getting back together?

Pamela AndersonTommy LeeTommy Lee and Pamela AndersonPamela Anderson and Tommy Lee Back Together

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