Pam Anderson Naked in a Cake for Hefner’s 82nd Birthday!!


Pam Anderson and Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner recently turned 82, and what to get the guy that has everything? How about Pam Anderson naked in his birthday cake!

For Hugh Hefner’s 82nd birthday, he was surprised with a big birthday cake, with Pam Anderson in the nude!

At Hef’s age, it’s surprising he didn’t just keel over with the surprise, as Pam is one of his favorite pin-up girls.

“I think it was the perfect surprise for him,” The Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson told at a Celebrity Family Feud taping Saturday in L.A. “Come on, Pam Anderson, walking out with a cake naked … what can get better than that?”

Hef’s other muse, Holly Madison said, “I felt like I shouldn’t look because I know her, and she walked out naked! So I was, like, looking around, trying not to look there!”

The other Girls Next Door did not want to be outdone so presented Hugh with chocolate-shaped body parts. Wilkinson said. “We molded our body parts and gave it to him, and he ate them all.”

“I molded my ass, so I could call it ‘chocolate starfish,” she went on. “It was white chocolate, and I put a dark chocolate little thing right in the middle. You’ll see it on the show coming up.”

Hugh Hefner Hugh Hefner and the Girls Next Door Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson

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