Pam Anderson Calls Jessica Simpson Names in Radio Interview


Pam Anderson Calls Jessica Simpson a \

Pamela Anderson lashes out at Jessica Simpson in a radio interview in Australia.

Early this month, singer Jessica Simpson attempted to “put down” Tony Romo’s one-time love, vegetarian, Carrie Underwood, by wearing a tshirt that reads “Real Girls Eat Meat.”

Jessica, who is a bit ditsy, probably did not realize how the t-shirt could anger many vegetarians, and animal-rights activists.

One of the well-known celebrity animal-rights activists is Pamela Anderson, who unleashed a verbal attack on Jessica Simpson.

During a recent radio interview in Australia, Pam took the opportunity to bash Jessica Simpson.

Pam Anderson spoke of Jessica Simpson saying, “I think she is a bitch and whore. Actually, I don’t know if she was talking about food or men.”

Pamela added that not eating meat is a good thing stating that, “I think it’s healthy, good for your body and good for the environment.”

Poor Jessica, everyone seems to be coming down so hard on her, now even washed-up whore, Pamela Anderson.

You can hear the Australian radio interview of Pam Anderson, speaking about Jessica Simpson here.

Jessica Simpson gets smack talked about her by Pam AndersonJessica Simpson gets blasted by Pam Anderson in radio interview.Jessica Simpson gets blasted by Pam Anderson in radio interview.Pam Anderson talks smack about Jessica Simpson about eating meatPam Anderson calls Jessica Simpson a \Pam Anderson calls Jessica Simpson a \

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  1. Let's see, Jessica is pretty, young, and real. Pamela on the other hand is OLD, FAKE, and IDIOT, and all washed up. Pamela Anderson is also a bully.

  2. Jessica simpson is pretty and young.Pam Anderson is an ugly old hag- now.. her skin is old and creepy and she has no eyebrows, pam is hateful and she hates all woman that are smarter then she is.(Sarah Palin) and Pam anderson is the biggest Ho, hollywood ever had.. She does not even have real boobs ….she is a total fake. Guys that go out with her, only do, because they like freak shows…


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