Oscar-Winning Actress Tatum O’Neal Busted for Buying Crack!


Tatum O\'Neal

Shocking news!! Last night, New York police caught the Oscar-winning actress Tatum O’Neal in the process of buying crack cocaine just a few blocks from her flat on the Upper East Side.

O’Neal was the youngest actor ever to win an Acadamy Award. She was arrested at around 7:30pm last night by detectives from Manhattan South Narcotics on Clinton Street between East Broadway and Grand Street, sources said.

“When the police approached, she asked them, ‘You know who I am, right?'”, a source reportedly told the New York Post. She went on to say she was doing “research” for an acting role.

It’s being reported a pipe was found on O’Neal but that it was clean. Tatum O’Neal is the daugher to Ryan O’Neal and she was once married to three-times Wimbledon champion John McEnroe.

While in the process of being arrested last night, she reportedly asked police “Can’t we just forget about this?”

“She’s cool – it’s the last thing I thought would happen,” said a security official at her block of flats. “I’m shocked.”

Tatum has been known to battle alcohol and drugs in her past, but did her arrest surprise you?

Tatum O\'Neal and John McEnroeTatum O\'NealTatum and father Ryan O\'NealTatum O\'Neal

Images: AP/Wireimage

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