Numskull / Garrick Demond Husbands, from The Luniz, has 12 charges.


Garrick Demond Husbands, who is better known by his rapper name Numskull, has been charged with 12 felony counts. Numskull is one half of the rap band named The Luniz.

The Alameda County Superior Court has documents on the charges. There were 12 counts of felony assaults. These included charges of sodomy, corporal injury and possession of a firearm. The background details for these charges were unavailable at press time. Numskull’s friends have not revealed any details.

Garrick / Numskull’s biggest hit was “I Got 5 On It.” This received multinational platinum awards. As a consequence, The Luniz became a band with superstar status.

Source: tmz.


  1. Yeah he does have children. Now how many of them does he actually support or spend time with?

    PALEASE….spare us the sob story

  2. May he bless you as well considering you've made no mention of the alleged victim. Having been raised in a loving family doesn't necessarily mean that an individual remain on the straight and narrow. I'm not pertaining this to him because I'm clueless as to whether he did or didn't commit some, any, or all of the crimes, but it's THAT closed-minded view in which has plagued society for I don't know how long. Whether true or false, the allegations are serious and unless you were by his side 24/7 as well as every minute of every hour, you're just about as clueless.

  3. For all of you "perfect people" who are so judgemental about someone you don't even know, I hope you never find yourself in a situation where you'd like to be given the benefit of the doubt. This man was raised in a good, loving family. His parents are both professional, respectable hard working people which goes to the comment that he should have had better role models. He has children, parents, family and extended family all over the country who love him with all their hearts. You should all be so loved and revered. I am so grateful that God is the only judge that matters. May He bless you all.


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