Nicole Spence slaps Wendy Williams’ husband, Kevin Hunter, with lawsuit.


Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter.

Wendy Williams, a radio presenter, has to face a harassment lawsuit. Wendy’s publicist, Nicole Spence, said that Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter, harassed her.

Nicole claimed that Kevin screamed and verbally abused her while she was working on the project called “The Wendy Williams Experience.” Kevin was alleged to have repeatedly propositioned Nicole. She claimed he called her late at night to talk about his sexual fantasies.

Nicole made claims that Kevin was abusing her boss, Wendy. She said that once, when Kevin was angry, he pushed Wendy against the wall and choked her.

The lawsuit claimed that Kevin Hunter was behind the plan to kill Tarsha Jones, a DJ for radio station. Wendy and her husband Kevin have denied Nicole Spence’s claims.

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