Nelson Mandela concert at Hyde Park.


Amy Winehouse kept her promise and appeared to sing at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert in Hyde Park on Fri. night, June 27.

Winehouse sang her hits songs like Valerie and Rehab for the audience of around 47,000. She was dressed in her trademark beehive and mini dress. The organizers were relieved as they were afraid that she would not show up after she missed their photocall.

This concert aimed to raise funds for Mandela’s 46664 AIDS charity. The number was his prison number during his 27 years of incarceration in Robben Island.

The celebrities took time and effort to speak to Mandela or share their stories about Mandela to the audience. A lot of work was done to ensure that this concert was a memorable one.

Nicole Scherzinger & Naomi Campbell wore transparent clothing. Their pictures are here.

Source: DM


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