Mini Me actor sues over leaked sex tape.


Verne Troyer and unidentified friends.

Verne Troyer, a celebrity actor, has filed a lawsuit on TMZ. He claimed that his rights were violated when the company published and aired portions of his sex tape. Troyer is famous for his portrayal of “Mini Me” in the Austin Powers movies.

The lawsuit was filed on Thur. June 26, in the US District Court in LA. Verne Troyer claimed that TMZ violated his right of privacy and infringed on his copyright and trademark by showing portions of the sex tape on and TMZ TV.

Troyer made allegations that TMZ violated his right of publicity and misused his name and image. He wants $20 million for damages. He has asked for an injunction to disallow further dissemination of the video clip. Troyer said that his tape was stolen and it ended up with Kevin Blatt.

Source: tmz.



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