Mike and the Mad Dog may split.


Mike Francesa (right) & Chris Russo.

A popular sports radio call-in show, Mike and the Mad Dog, is rumored to be facing cancellation this summer. The show is currently on WFAN.

Mike Francesa was asked about the rumors but he refused to comment. His partner on air, Chris Russo, was also asked about the gossip and he too, denied knowing anything about them.

Staff from their radio station said that Mike and Chris were seen to be on bad terms off air. They had differences of opinion and they expressed them with some bitterness. Chris insisted that their working relationship had mended for the last 2 months. They had a strained relationship during the past but Chris said that they had patched up.

Source: news.


  1. Chris thinks I am kidding but I would like him to split from Mike Francesa.

    And, the point of the call is Johan Santana is struggling due to his TEAM, just like Chris does with Mike during this ‘crossroads’ time.

    Writer Chris Illuminati of Philly Blurbs said this after viewing the video, “video proof that the Dog won’t bark about any particulars of the rough patch he and Mike are going through.”

    Complete coverage at http://blogs.phillyburbs.com/blog_index.php/?p=31789

    Neil Best, who broke the story for Newsday, said after viewing the video, “I heard that live yesterday. Weird, but amusing! Thanks. Neil”

    Now appearing in Deadspin’s report on the matter: http://deadspin.com/5021276/mike-and-the-mad-dog-divorce-inevitable

    Kevin Canessa has had the foresight of a Mike and the Mad Dog Split since this post. http://thecanessacorner.blogspot.com/search/label/WFAN

    Way before the Neil Best article http://www.newsday.com/sports/ny-spmike0622,0,842426.story

    He deserves that credit!


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