Michael Madsen “Loses It” in London


Michael Madsen

Michael Madsen, star of Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill fame, recently went crazy in the West End in London.

Police were called by the hotel staff at the Dorchester in the West End after the Hollywood tough guy started screaming and shouting. Madsen, 49, made his name as psychopath Mr Blonde, who cuts off a policeman’s ear in the violent 1992 Quentin Tarantino film.

The crazed actor was brought under control and led out through the ballroom to avoid upsetting other guests. He was treated for cuts and bruises before being discharged.

Madsen checked in to the hotel on Saturday with a woman he said was his wife and five-year-old daughter.

A source told The Sun: “He was apparently totally out of it when he turned up. Then on Sunday afternoon there was a massive disturbance in his room.

“A guest complained that all hell was breaking lose. There was a lot of screaming and shouting and staff called the police. He had a furious row with his woman companion and it was feared they might hurt each other. An ambulance was called because of concerns for his mental health. “Madsen looked wild-eyed and had lost the plot. He was not violent, but there were serious concerns about his behaviour.”

A Met Police spokesman said no arrests were made and no further action would be taken against Michael Madsen.

Madsen has five sons from his three marriages, and has been married to Deanna Morgan since 1996. His major movies include Thelma and Louise, Free Willy, and Die Another Day.

He was in London making The Big I Am ““ filming for which ended on Saturday. A spokeswoman for Madsen said: “We are aware there was an incident in London, but we have no comment to make.”

Madsen was taken to the hospital by ambulance after the scary episode.

Michael MadsenMichael MadsenMichael Madsen as Mr. Blonde in Reservoir DogsMichael Madsen and sister Virginia Madsen

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  1. I am so tired of seeing this mindless, journalistic tripe about a situation that did not transpire as it has been stated. There was no physical fight between my wife DeAnna and myself and the reports of the small female child were very strange considering the fact that we do not have a female child, in fact we are the parents of five boys, two from my previous marriage.

    I wish people could get their stories straight, the present telling is very boring and humorous at best. Please take this crap off the internet. It is irresponsible.

    I could care less myself about this sort of thing, but my kids do not need to see this.

    Michael Madsen

  2. Madsen is a total dick. I was working at a restaurant in Maui when he asked me to ask some guests at a nice table in the middle of a lagoon to leave so he could have their table. They had just started their dinner. He asked me several times.
    I told him I certainly would not and he and his family sat in the bar. He kept sending his kids over to ask me again and again. What planet does this gut live on???
    Luckily my manager told him what was up!


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