Megan Fox & Shia LaBeouf in Transformers 2.


Fans who have enjoyed Transformers would be glad to know that Transformers 2 has started its production. The actual filming was scheduled for June 2 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The production had auditioned for extras during the previous weekend in South Philadelphia.

Megan Fox has been hired for the sequel and so were Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro. A new actor would be introduced. He is Rainn Wilson, who had appeared in The Office. His role would be that of a professor, who has to handle the male lead character, Sam Witwicky.

The stage prop vehicle for Autobot Jazz was sent to the location of the set. The voice of Autobot Jazz would be provided by Darius McCrary. A source said that Darius had arrived on the set.

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Source: blog.wired, tformers.


  1. As much as I think Megan is great, if you want to see her looking hot the web's full of it, the sequel will be cool as long as we see lots and lots of robots.


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