“Master of Dance” competitions.


From left – Keith “Tyce” Diorio, Lucinda Dickey, Joey Lawrence and Loni Love.

TLC has a new dance program called “Master of Dance.” It is hosted by Joey Lawrence. He was a former contestant from “Dancing with the Stars.”

In the new dance competition, the contestants have to dance to a group of songs that they were previously informed about. Each song is played for only 15 seconds. The judges will rank the contestants on style, adaptability, energy and classic moves. The judges are Loni Love (comedian), Keith “Tyce” Diorio (choreographer) and Lucinda Dickey (ex “Solid Gold” dancer).

The winner gets a trophy and invitation to the tournament of the champions. The grand prize is $50,000.

In the first episode, the music that was chosen had a few old songs. One example was a song by K.C. and the Sunshine Band. This show might be welcomed by those who enjoy dance competitions.

Source: bostonherald.


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