Mae Whitman replaces Brittany Murphy for Tinkerbell’s voice.


Disney has axed Brittany Murphy. She was hired in 2006 to provide the voice of Tinkerbell in new Tinkerbell DVDs and other Tinkerbell appearances.

Disney did not give an explanation for their sudden change in plans. Gossip has been speculating that Brittany’s public image and profile was not prominent enough to help promote Tinkerbell. Her acting career seemed to be very quiet these days. Her critics paid more attention to her personal and domestic life.

Mae Whitman would replace Brittany.Mae’s voice was in The Jungle Book 2. Her biggest movie role was in Independence Day, where she played the President’s daughter. The new Tinkerbell will be released in Oct. 2008. It was assumed that this new Tinkerbell would be voiced by Mae Whitman. Mae will turn 20 on June 9.

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