Madonna Divorce: Madonna Fuels the Fire Photographed Without Wedding Ring


Madonna and Guy Richie Divorce Rumors Appear to be True

For weeks, rumors have been flying about the breakup of Madonna and Guy Richie’s marriage. Madonna was photographed last night without her wedding ring, so perhaps Madonna is headed towards a divorce?

Madonna is now in New York and has been out and about not wearing her wedding ring. So who is to blame for the breakup of their marriage?

A close friend of Madonna’s, that was visiting her over tea at her apartment in New York, asked about her marriage to Guy Richie.

The friend said, “So, how are things going with Guy?’ one of the women asked. “Fine,” Madonna answered, very sternly. “But there have been so many news reports . . .” the friend continued.

Madonna’s faced grew very serious and sad. “If you think I’m going to discuss this with you now, you’re very wrong.”

Not getting the answer she wanted, the friend continued to push: “Well, what they’re saying is . . .”

Madonna raised both hands, with her palms out. “Stop right there,” she warned. “This subject is off limits. I’m serious.”

After that, the conversation shifted uneasily to Madonna’s newest CD, Hard Candy, and her upcoming tour.

Madonna may not want to discuss her private life and marriage woes, but others have been busy doing so for her.

Rumors have flown about Madonna’s divorce, the end to her and Guy Richie’s 7 year marriage.

Their strained-looking appearance at the Cannes Film Festival did little to convince anyone that they were happy.

Madonna has been reported to be consulting with Fiona Shackleton, a top Britain divorce lawyer. While Guy is said to be in discussion about the divorce to another well-known law firm, Forsters.

It’s being said that a formal announcement of Madonna’s divorce has been delayed until the end of her upcoming tour, which completes in Mexico on November 29.

Now that things seem to be heading towards divorce, Madonna faces it as she does with her career, with utter professionalism.

A friend of the couples’ said, “The possibility that they might divorce has been the elephant in the room between Madonna and Guy for at least the last two years.”

“Neither of them is shocked about it. They both knew it was coming. Now, for Madonna at least, it’s about efficiency. For her, it’s just something else on the agenda, a matter to be handled quickly and reasonably, ” the friend states.

“Only recently, she told Guy: “You know it’s over and I know it’s over. So, let’s just do it in as civilized a way as we can.”

“I think she believed that if there was an understanding between them before the tour began, he wouldn’t have as much right to complain about his and the children’s lives being turned upside down, as he has done in the past.”

So what happened? How did their marriage come to this end? Of course, as in most troubled relationships, there are two sides to the story. Guy’s position, as put by one of his close friends, is that his wife is an extremely difficult spouse.

“He has taken to describing her with two words, “absolutely impossible”, ” says one of Ritchie’s friends. “The world might see her as driven and talented but, as he sees it, she’s just never happy with her life, his life, or anyone else’s.”

“Or, as he once put it to me: “That one’s never satisfied and I’m afraid it’s going to catch up with her one day,” Guy’s friend said.

Madonna with David Banda, adopted son and daughter LourdesMadonna and Guy Richie to DivorceMadonna divorce, Madonna spotted without her wedding ringMadonna and Guy Richie Divorce

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