Leona Helmsley’s Trouble has inheritance reduced.


Leona Helmsley passed away and left her dog, Trouble, $12 million. Her will said that she was not leaving her grandchildren any money because they know the reasons. Trouble became a celebrity pet because of all the money she inherited.

A judge has overturned Leona’s will. He gave $10 million of her money to charity and $6 million to her 2 grandchildren. The dog, Trouble, was left with $2 million. Leona’s grandchildren filed papers in March to fight her will. They claimed that she was mentally unsound when she made her will in 2005.

Carl Lekic, Trouble’s caretaker, said that $2 million was sufficient for the dog. Trouble used $190,000 per annum for her guardian fee, security, grooming, food and medical care.

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