Larry Mendte suspected of snooping on Alycia Lane’s emails.


Alycia Lane.

FBI has started criminal investigations on Larry Mendte, a CBS3 anchor. They searched his home and removed his computer. The objective was to determine if he had accessed the private email of his ex-colleague, Alycia Lane.

Larry Mendte’s lawyer, Michael A. Schwartz, told the press that his client had cooperated in the investigations. Meanwhile, Alycia Lane’s lawyer, Paul R. Rosen, said that his client did not make any claims in this latest issue. He said that the directive was done by the federal government and was not influenced by Alycia Lane.

Alycia was Larry’s co-anchor until she was fired on Jan. 1 2008. She was accused of assaulting a police officer. Earlier in May 2007, she received negative publicity for emailing her bikini pictures to a married sports anchor, Rich Eisen.

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