Larry Birkhead Buys Anna Nicole’s Lingerie for Dannielynn


Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead, father to the late Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, recently bought Anna’s lingerie at an auction for his daughter.

At an auction on Saturday, Larry Birkhead shelled out nearly $3,000 for lingerie worn by Anna Nicole Smith in a Playboy photo shoot.

Larry Birkhead had paid $1800 for a pink bustier, as well as another $1000 for a white negligee because he wanted little one-year-old Dannielynn to have a keepsake of her late mother’s.

Birkhead further explained, saying “I have a lot of history I have to put together that she doesn’t really know about,” he told the Associated Press. “Playboy was such a big part of Anna’s career. “You know, it’s not something I can show today, but something down the road,” he added. “It’s not going to be in any bedtime stories anytime soon.”

After Anna Nicole Smith’s death due to an accidental overdose, Birkhead fought Howard Stern for sole custody. DNA testing proved that Larry Birkhead was baby Dannielynn’s biological father.

Dannielynn is the sole heir to the estate of Anna Nicole Smith.

So do you find it sweet for Birkhead to buy the lingerie for he and Smith’s daughter, Dannielynn, or just a bit creepy?

Anna Nicole SmithAnna Nicole Smith and daughter Dannielynn before Smith\'s death.The late Anna Nicole Smith and Dannielynn\'s father, Larry BirkheadDannielynn Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn

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  1. larry is homosexual man who had'sperm donor' contract',no 'big romance' with anna.he will be exposed in r cosby trial. his lies will be disclosed soon.

  2. Ewe!

    Robertson Blvd., Anna's grave, now Anna's underwear?!

    I never thought I'd say this. But is it still too late to get this kid back with Stern?!

  3. Ok this is just strange…. why would you want your daughter to have the mothers undies???? Thats just crazy… I mean really I am sure that there is something else in this world that could have reminded him of her than her draws…. lol I am sorry I wouldn't want my sexy clothes passed down to my daughters


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