Large Fire Sweeps Through Universal Studios! Will MTV Movie Awards be Affected?


Universal Studios Fire

A massive fire broke out on the back lot of Universal Studios this morning. More than 300 Los Angeles- area firefighters are on the scene attempting to contain the fire.

Plumes of gray smoke filled the skies more than three hours after the fire began. Reports are that at least four or five structures were damaged or even destroyed due to the three-alarm fire.

The park will be forced to postpone opening until three o’clock this afternoon. The tour will be affected by the fire but the MTV Movie Awards set to be broadcast live this afternoon will not be affected.

The fire was believed to have started just before 5 a. m. Sunday morning. Two “prop” buildings, a chapel, and a popular ride called the “Cyclone” were among the damaged structures, according to Los Angeles County Fire Capt. Frank Reynoso. It is being reported that the King Kong building in the back lot has been completely destroyed!

Television news video shows the fire burning through the structures rapidly and continuing for hours later. View the video Universal Studios Fire via CNN

“It will be awhile before we have it under control,” Reynoso said.

LA firefighters were having to work on the huge blaze from helicopters.

Universal Studios FireUniversal Studios Fire

Images: AP
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