Lara Logan (Pictures) CBS News and CNN’s Michael Ware’s Sex Affair in Baghdad


Laura or Lara Logan of CBS News Affair and Sex Scandal

Lara Logan, a CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes foreign correspondent, has been exposed as the “other woman” in Joe and Kimberly Burkett’s bitter divorce. Logan is sleeping with a married man, and is also said to be having a separate affair with CNN war reporter, Michael Ware. See more about Lara Logan and pictures.

UPDATE: Lara Logan is now pregnant from her affair and says it is Joe Burkett’s baby, read the updated post here.

It seems this story is just as juicy as any of the stories Lara Logan normally reports.

Sources say the Emmy winning Lara Logan began the affair with 36-year-old U.S. State Department contractor, Burkett in war-torn Baghdad.

And yet another scandal brews in the steamy mix: Lara’s reported romance with a star CNN correspondent ““ Michael Ware, whose jealousy exploded in a battle royal with Burkett in a Baghdad “safe house.”

Burkett’s wife Kimberly, 32, was so upset about Joe’s cheating that she took an overdose of Valium.

Kimberly Burkett’s attorney told the Enquirer, “Kimberly believes Lara stole her husband ““ and now they’re trying to steal her little girl.”

To add fuel to the fire, her two lovers, Burkett and Ware, got into a brutal battle over her in Baghdad!

Passions got so hot in the combat zone that one of her lovers, Joe Burkett, brawled in a Baghdad “safe house” with her other lover, CNN war reporter Michael Ware, a source said.

A close friend of Lara Logans recently told The Post that Burkett’s marriage to Kimberly was already finished six months before they began their relationship.

“She is not the cause of their divorce,” the friend told The Post yesterday.

“It was going to happen.”

The friend also stated that Logan hurt by Kimberly’s comments because she had met Kimberly Burkett and thought the two were “friendly.”

Friends of Logan’s do confirm the one-time fling with CNN reporter Ware, but denied that there was any sort of fight between him and Burkett in Baghdad.

“There was no screaming match,” the pal said.

CBS News announced yesterday that Lara Logan was given a new Washington assignment as chief foreign-affairs correspondent. She joined the network in 2002 and became a “60 Minutes” correspondent in 2006.

The network touted her as the only American reporter who was in Baghdad when the United States invaded in 2003.

Logan was born in Durban, South Africa. She has been going through a divorce from her husband of nine years, Jason Siemon, a former European basketball player.

“That is a very sad thing for Lara,” a pal said.

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Images: CNN

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  1. Hi there,

    As a refugee in Albania from Kosovo I had chance to work with Laura therefore I just wanted to say hi to her. All the best from a ex CNN Translator.



  2. It saddens me to see how imoral our world is.The effects of choices and harm to others passed on from generation to generation.Lack of faith to believe in something greater than yourself.

  3. This close friend of Laura's is WRONG!!!!!! I am a friend of Kim's and let me tell you that Kim was completly blind sided. Kim and Joe were talking about having another baby. Laura and Joe's affair is the cause of the divorce.


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