Kim Kardashian Plans to Marry Reggie Bush


Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush

Don’t be surprised if Kim Kardashian announces an engagement soon to Reggie Bush. She discussed the possibility at a Celebrity Family Feud taping.

Kim Kardashian is giving serious thought to a future with Reggie Bush. She recently was at a taping of Celebrity Family Feud in Los Angeles, when asked about any marriage plans. Kardashian said, “That’s definitely where we are heading,” the reality star told Us magazine.

“That’s something that we do talk about,” she said. “I think that when you spend so much time with someone who is such a big part of your life, that’s definitely the future.”

Kim Kardashian is 27 and says her relationship with the 23 year old, Reggie Bush, is “really serious” and “the best”. Reggie Bush is a New Orleans Saints running back. The couple has been dating since April of last year.

Kim’s step-dad, Bruce Jenner, seems to very supportive of his step-daughter’s relationship.

“That’s her decision,” he told Us. “I’m all for it. Kim is right at that age ““ She’s 27, and it’s probably time to get married.”

“Reggie seems to be a very nice guy,” Jenner said. “They’re doing very well and good for them.”

So, do you think Reggie Bush should marry Kim Kardashian?

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  1. Reggie Bush marries Kim. Well, you got to admit its unusual in the sense that he's marrying someone of his own race. You don't see that too often with Black celebs.


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