Kendal Sheppard of MTV’s Road Rules Blasts Josh Henderson


Josh Henderson and Shia LaBeouf at Transformers Premiere

MTV Road Rules star, Kendal Sheppard, tells Josh Henderson off on her MySpace account, saying he is a deadbeat dad.

Kendall Sheppard totally blasted her baby’s daddy, actor Josh Henderson on her MySpace blog on Father’s Day. Sheppard said he is a “˜deadbeat dad’ who has no interest in his one year-old son. Sheppard also said that Henderson has denied being the father of the child and refuses to pay child support, even though she has a positive paternity test.

Here’s the posting from Kendal Sheppard’s MySpace blog:

Father’s day and my baby’s daddy:

With my son’s first birthday on the same day as father’s day, i can’t help but have mixed feelings. i am so excited to celebrate the day my very favorite boy was born! but.. a feeling of anger and rage sweeps my body when i think of little asa’s biological dead beat dad.

josh had made it clear from the beginning that he wanted nothing to do with his son. however, i was convinced that he was a better person than that. it’s been a year of me trying to get him interested in one way or another- i even felt like we made a little progress around february when he actually returned a phone call- maybe even two. that was all i needed to know that i had been doing the right thing by not hiring lawyers or acting out of emotion. i thought we could have a peaceful coexsistance and that someday, my son would would be able to (at least) call his “father” if he simply wanted to talk. so foolish am i..

after months of delay, i realized that quite possibly, everyone was right about josh; that he really didn’t care. recently, through the grapevine, i’ve heard that josh is saying that the DNA test we took about 10 months ago was inconclusive. even though i have a DNA test that came back negative from our preferred potetntial father, and josh’s test came back with a very different result, josh is still saying that the child isn’t his. i guess he needs more than a 99% to be convinced. maybe he has a twin with with idedntical DNA that he believes me to have slept with. even though josh admitted to being the father of asa, he is now changing his story. i’m assuming it has something to do with his lawyers. it’s funny how lawyers are.. i wonder if they really think about the effects of their actions. if they are in support of a client not paying child support and using their knowledge that ultimately reflects the life of a little boy, then i am disgusted. josh has not returned any emails or calls since april when he said he’d call me when his “lawyers got back in town”. they must be on summer vacation.

Kendal signs off her post saying:

Well, josh, happy father’s day, sweetheart, you give ass holes out there something to look up to.

Josh Henderson is a 27 year old actor, hat starred as Austin McCann on Desperate Housewives and co-stars (appropriately) in the upcoming film The Jerk Theory.

The actor has been romantically linked to Kendal Sheppard, as well as Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson.

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  1. well i believe Josh is such a careless & irresponsible person & a father. Also Kendel is right at her end.

    Although Josh was my favourite, & i was such a big fan of him but whatsoever he has done is simply insane.

    So i am at kendel's side & wish her all the best and lots of love for her baby.

    sincere regards



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