Kathy Griffin jokes about Ryan Seacrest & Clay Aiken.


Kathy Griffin, the comedian, has been busy touring and making promotional appearances for her TV series on Bravo. Her show is called “My Life on the D-List” and it airs every Thursday, at 10 pm.

Kathy was interviewed and she gave some interesting views from her comic, standup comedian perspective. She said that she enjoyed the “dumbing-down of American” by cracking jokes about situations.

Kathy said that she used material on celebrities like Mariah Carey and Denise Richards. She thought that Clay Aiken could be getting richer after fathering a child. Kathy linked Clay Aiken with Ryan Seacrest and suggested that they could befriend each other.

Kathy is a stand up comic and people would not be seriously considering her opinions.

Source: newsday.



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