Josh Waring, Lauri Waring’s son, busted for drugs.


Josh Waring, or Joshua Michael Phillip Waring, has been arrested for possession of heroin and ecstasy. He was suspected of having the intention to sell the substances.

Josh Waring is the son of Lauri Waring. Lauri is married to George Peterson. George Peterson is the ex-husband of Gina “Gigi” Peterson. Gina is the girlfriend of Dennis Rodman. In Hollywood, some celebrities are closely associated by relations. In case anyone has forgotten, Lauri is the celebrity actress in “The Real Housewives Of Orange County.”

Josh was approached by a police cruiser at Laguna Beach and he ran away. Police caught him and found him to be high on drugs. They searched his hotel room and found a large quantity of drugs. Josh was charged. He remains in Orange County jail at press time.

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Source: TMZ.



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