John Mayer has a Big “Personality”


John Mayer

Just what is it about John Mayer that gets all the ladies, and keeps them coming back for more?

It seems the mystery of John Mayer’s attraction has been revealed!

Currently dating Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer has dated plenty of “A-list” celebrities over the years. He’s dated Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, “Friday Night Lights” actress Minka Kelly, Jessica Simpson and others.

Many people seem to think John Mayer is a “douchebag”, and a guy that finds himself quite clever and witty.

So what is his charm?

Well, recently a good friend of his told OK Magazine that it’s his large penis that gets the chicks and keeps them coming back for more.

He said, “John is good in bed,” the buddy of the 30 year old singer/songwriters says, OK!. “Not just good, but sensational. Every girl I know who has slept with John says it was the best sex of their life. I’m not sure what exactly he does in bed, but after girls sleep with him, they’re ruined. They get totally hung up on him and want more! Whatever John’s secret is, he should market it. He could retire from the music industry.”

As for his current relationship with Jennifer Aniston, who is 10 years older, things seem to be going well. She is dressing sexier and seems very happy lately. A New York relationship specialist, Cooper Lawrence, said, “Great sex with a younger man can improve anyone’s mood and attitude,” who has not treated Jen.

Well, whatever he is packing, it seems to agree with the ladies!

So tell us girls, would you date a guy just because he is hung like a horse?

John Mayer John Mayer in Borat-style Swimsuit John Mayer and Jessica Simpson John Mayer and Jennifer Anniston in Pool

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  1. Hmmm,well it's obvious he's great in bed,when you watch him play the guitar.a man who can handle an instrument that well,can't be bad with women either.


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