Jenny Masche and Bryan Masche celebrate sextuplets


Don’t know who Jenny Masche is? Well I didn’t either until I read the article from MSNBC. Jenny Masche is a 32 year old woman who is pregnant gave birth to sextuplets. Jenny and her husband Bryan were not expecting such a big bundle of babies…     The kids have just had their one year birthdays and are making national news for it.

The two had been trying to get pregnant for years and after an artificial insemination last year, their lives are forever changed. Could you imagine having to take care of six screaming babies that all demand the same thing 24/7?? Sounds like a total nightmare to me! I think these two may end up making a TV show on TLC.

Here is a picture of the two lovebirds with their 3 boys and 3 girls-

for more information on this amazing family, please go to


  1. Yes this family started out w/ such promise but as we all know by now, the family has crashed and burned to the ground. This shouldn't really be a surprise considering the type of man that was the head of this family and the brainless helpless idiot who chose to have children with him. Certainly she is better off w/out him, I just wish the poor kids could find some new parents.

  2. Well it is now 2010 & the Masche's are trotting down the Gosselin trail. He is a typical macho jerk, she is a whiney wimp & the ugly kids are being exploited as all the other reality kids are. JUCK I won't be watching this show!


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