Jay-Z rebuts Amy Winehouse & Noel Gallagher.


Jay-Z was asked on the show, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, if Beyonce would be going to Glastonbury. Jay-Z replied that Beyonce was busy with her filming. However, she did turn up to watch her husband perform.

Jay-Z knew that Oasis’ rocker Noel Gallagher had criticized the organizers for inviting a hip hop artist to perform at Glastonbury. Glastonbury is traditionally a rock music festival. He was prepared to answer that. Jay-Z sang Oasis’ Wonderwall, and it was welcomed by the crowd, who gave a warm reception to Jay-Z’s tribute.

Amy Winehouse had criticized Jay-Z for not knowingthe lyrics to some songs and he answered her challenge by singing Rehab;Winehouse’s hit song.

Source: DM


  1. noel said after he liked him anyway, he wasnt being a cock to him either all he said was he didnt think that jay-z fitted into this festival because of his music genre he didnt mean any offence but but people have fits and go on as if noel was bein a knob to him.


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